Event Terms

The Overwatch Oceanic Summer Series by Full Circle Esports

By signing up for this event you are agreeing to participate in all aspect of the event and uphold certain standards. By signing up for this event you agree to both these terms and to uphold the Full Circle Esports Ruleset, but this agreement will override anything in the ruleset. We have publicly announced the schedule and will plan to stick to it, but if we need to, we can change the dates and/or venue or cancel the event with reasonable notice to you.

This agreement applies to all the members of your team. Talk to them and make sure they understand all the obligations before you complete your signups. It is the responsibility of the teams Manager to make sure that all submitted players can meet the event obligations.

We can change the rules or these terms immediately at any time with appropriate notification. A public post in the Full Circle Esports public discord server or an email to your captain and/or manager will constitute appropriate notification.

Player Eligibility

You must reside in Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam to be eligible. You must also be over the age of 13 to participate, and if you are under the age of 16 you must travel with a parent or legal guardian at your cost to the event. If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign a parental consent form for you to participate in any offline events.

Your identity must be appropriate and comply with Blizzards standards. You must also not change it during the event.

You agree to not participate under the influence of any alcohol or drugs unless it has been prescribed by a medical professional. During offline events, we may perform drug testing to verify that you are not under the influence of unprescribed substances.

You must show up and play your matches according to publicised or communicated schedules. When you play these matches, you agree to participate to the best of your ability.

Outside of the transfer process, a player may not change rosters during the event.

Team Obligations

The team manager carries the primary responsibility for the teams operation. In certain cases, we may contact the team captain to organise game related matters.

Each team must submit at least 6 core players and designate one as the team captain. Each team may have up to 4 substitutes. A manager must also be designated, and this person may be on the roster but is not required to be.

If you do end up qualifying for the main event (top 16 teams) your team will need to sign a contract to play further in the event.

We will need to have an open line of communication with the teams who are participating in this event. We require email addresses to be submitted, and we also require your captain and manager to be in our discord server found at discord.fullcircleesports.com. We may notify your team of important changes to the event or further obligations through this channel or through email, and you must be able to receive and acknowledge this correspondence.

Full Circle Esports Obligations

We agree to manage the event and administer games, and will attempt to provide a positive player experience. We will make ourselves available for support to help solve issues that players and/or teams may have during the event. If you place in the top 4 teams of the event and meet all your obligations, we will provide flights and accomodation to participate in our offline event in Auckland, New Zealand at the end of February. We will also meet any prize money obligations as long as you meet all your obligations and perform sufficiently well in the event.

Prizes and Payment

If you fulfil the requirements of the event, follow the ruleset, and place sufficiently high, we will pay you a portion of the advertised prize pool. We do reserve the right to deduct any extra costs that you have caused us to pay on your behalf. These deductions will not include any of our obligations such as flights and/or accomodation. The ruleset does allow for prize money deductions due to misconduct, and such deductions will be carefully considered and clearly communicated.

We may need some time after the event to completely determine the final awarded amount, meet our legal obligations, and organise international transfers. During this time, we may also need financial documentation from your team and/or it’s members, and you will need to provide this documentation promptly.

All monetary amounts will be communicated in Australian Dollars exclusive of GST unless we specifically say otherwise.

Talent Agreement

By signing up for this event you agree to let us use you as talent for this event. This means that we can take recordings of you and your gameplay and use it for the event and its broadcast, the promotion of our event, and the promotion and operation of our business. We can also pass these content and talent right onto others if we wish.